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Summer Transition Support

Have a question on about financial aid, housing, opening a bank account or what classes to take this fall. Check out our summer transition drop ins opportunities addressing these questions and other things. Join us virtually by clicking on the link below. We look forward to helping you find the answers.

Money Monday with Rosalynn

Date: Every Monday

Time: 12:30-1:30pm

Host: Rosalynn Guillen

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Need to talk about finances? Drop in and ask your financial aid questions, get clarification, or find out where to look for information.

Advising and Academic Support

Date: Every Tuesday

Time: 2-3pm

Host: Denise Smith

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Have academics questions? Need to know the right department to contact or what to ask regarding academics at your campus? I can help with that! 

To Live or Not Live: Housing and Resident life Support

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 1-2pm

Host: Victor Zamora

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Do you have all your housing ducks in a row? Like, what you can and can’t bring to your dorm. Drop in and ask your housing and resident life questions or learn where to find the answers to your questions.

Intro to College Services

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 10am and 5pm

Host: Victor Zamora

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What is College Services and what can they help me with? If this a question you been asking yourself, join us and learn how we will support you through your college journey.

Cooking Champs and Laundry Launch

Date: Every Friday

Host: Kati Ortiz

Time: 12-1pm

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Learn to be a Cooking Champ— for Saturday morning pick me ups, late-night studying snacks, cooking on a budget, and the essentials of hosting a friendly get together.  Plus, have you learned how to do your own laundry?  It is time for Laundry Launch! Open for all things related to #Adulting