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Emergency Fund Request

A CSF Scholar Resource

What is the Emergency Fund Request (EFR)?

The Emergency Fund Request is a short-term and/or one-time financial assistance for Achievers’, Leadership 1000 and Governors’ Scholars who experience an unforeseen financial burden during their degree. Your College Services Coach will work with scholars to determine if an EFR is appropriate for the situation. The EFR exists to help remove barriers that impact a scholars’ access to education.

Situations eligible for funding could include: Books and supplies; personal living such as food, car repairs, childcare, utilities, transportation, and computer/laptop replacement; medical, dental or mental health emergencies not covered by insurance; or major accidents and events such as fire and natural disasters.

Who is Eligible for the EFR?

*Enrolled scholars must meet the following criteria:
– You have participated in CSF’s Achiever program or a recipient of the Leadership 1000 or Governors’ scholarship;
– You have signed the Release of information to enroll in the College Services program;
– You have a financial need that will prevent you from continuing your college education;
– You must have a completed financial aid application (including FAFSA/WASFA)
– You are currently enrolled in at least 6 credits at an eligible Washington state college or university;
– You have a 2.0 GPA or greater (cumulative).

*Unsure if you meet the eligibility criteria, we recommend to still submit your online application below. 

Unenrolled scholars needing to apply for the Emergency Fund Request, who have stopped out for a term or longer should contact the College Success Foundation. Email us at csfscholar@collegesucessfoundation.org.

How does an Eligible Scholar Access the EFR?

Students must complete and submit the online application. The online application can be found on this page below the FAQ. Your CSF Coach will follow up within three business days after receiving your application. CSF will work with students to understand the barrier they are facing and help identify other potential resources.

What is the Deadline?

Applications for funding are reviewed by the College Services team on a rolling basis once the application is complete. Depending on the circumstance the EFR decision and process of payment could take 1-2 weeks from submission.

What is the Award Amount?

The amount of the award varies based on the student’s financial need. Awards could range depending on the financial need and availability of funds. The amount granted is up to the discretion of the College Success Foundation. Students do not pay EFR funds back to College Success Foundation.

More Questions?

Please reach us through our Contact Us page. If you need to make an appointment with your CSF Coach, please visit the College Services online booking app.