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CSF Scholars Share Budgeting Tips

What’s a piece of advice you would give another CSF Scholar?

One piece of advice I would give is to really get to know your coach, Denise, as well as your professors. Build the connections you need to be successful and to have support when you need it. – Olivia M.

Make sure you always set aside the change you get from coins to even $1 because it adds up and you can exchange the coins later at a store. – Brian F.

Don’t buy all the textbooks, try renting or reserve at the library if you can. (if you don’t need it ) – Jai’shon B.

Practice budgeting to manage your money. – Marc L.

One thing that you spent money on, that you knew you shouldn’t have?

One thing was online clothes shopping. I am now tight on money because I went online a lot last year and ordered new clothes even though I knew I didn’t need them. – Olivia M.

For me, it was a choice between a book I “needed” but there was a new coat I wanted. Let’s just say I am not cold.  – Brain F.

Coffee everyday can add up – Rayan M.

Lab equipment (goggles, lab coat) without knowing that it was provided. Know your school. – Kayleigh Y.

What’s your money management strategy?

I now put $50 in checking from every paycheck as the rest goes into savings. The $50 is for emergencies as well as a fun activity with friends. – Olivia M.

Make sure you put a limit on your card wither it be debit or credit so that you don’t go overboard with the financial freedom, also check your bank statements regularly to see what you spend a lot in and maybe cut down on it.  – Brian F.

Set a “new zero” for yourself. Example: I won’t keep spending once my account is at $500. – Eric N.

Save a percentage of your income versus a specific amount – Rayan M.

What resources on-campus have you used when you have faced a financial barrier?

I reached out to the counseling services, CAPS, for tips to save money. They suggested putting only a little into checking so I learn what is important to spend money on and what can I don’t need – Olivia M.

I haven’t used any as of now, but I do know that the financial aid building can help a lot.  – Brian F.

There’s a pantry on campus – Kayleigh Y.

There’s emergency housing on campus – Jai’shon B.

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