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10 Things to Check Off for Fall Term

Confirm your Financial Aid. Make sure that you have confirmed how you will cover tuition, books, fees, housing and personal expenses. Review your financial aid award letter. Do you have enough money? Check out this video blog post to help you understand your money!

Register for Classes. Registering for classes can be daunting, so it is important to plan ahead of time and ensure you create a schedule that aligns with your academic goals and major. Your first year in college is exploring possibilities and taking a variety of classes.

Meet with your Academic Advisor. Academic advising is critical to your success in college. Most colleges require freshmen and transfer students to meet with an academic advisor before registering for fall term classes.

Attend your Orientation. Orientation session is an important step in starting your fall term on the right pathway. This is where you will meet with an academic advisor and register for classes, and for some of you take your placement tests. Orientation is a great opportunity to find ways to engage on campus, and network with other students.

Take your Placement Tests. Most two-year colleges and four-year universities require new students to take placements tests. Placement tests are a way for colleges to place you in right course levels for English, Math and or a foreign language. Check out your colleges Testing Center website to find out if you need to take placement tests and to schedule an online appointment.

Secure Housing. Whether you are living on or off campus ensure you have paid your housing deposit; submit necessary forms to the housing or leasing office; and make sure to read all the fine print (policy handbook, rental agreement, etc).

Buy your Textbooks. Don’t wait last minute to purchase your textbooks, they run out quickly. Be smart, ask your peers and shop around for the best prices for your textbooks. A good tip is buy or rent used books to save money; electronic versions may also be available. Purchasing textbooks from your school book store might be the most costly. During your Orientation ask other students where the best, cheapest place to buy textbooks.

Get a Calendar. Download an app onto your phone to keep organized and on schedule with all your course assignments and exams. Free apps for students.

Engage in your Campus Community. Ways to get engaged early and meet peers can start by attending your orientation, visiting your schools student union and attending fall student activity fair to sign up for groups and clubs on campus. Many colleges maintain a Facebook or IG site—find it and ‘like’ it! Check out this cool blog post! Your Community is Your Network!

Check your College Website. Each college website provides information regarding their key dates and deadlines, be sure to review your campus website. Keep track of these dates and deadlines with your calendar app.

*We recognize for semester students fall term has already started. Check off list applies to all students.