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CSF Community Reflection 3

What did you do on your winter break?

Take a moment to share with others in comments below.

4 thoughts on “CSF Community Reflection 3

  1. Chris Huizar says:

    I was finally able to get work off so I was really happy that I was getting to go home and see my family, especially my cute niece. Everyone grew up so fast and I felt like I missed their whole childhood which made me upset, but happy at the same time. I hope Continuing to go to school and being successful will allow me to spend more time with them in the future. But for now we all got our own things going on and I understand that.

    To more visits.

  2. Samuel Akomea says:

    My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas because of our religion (SDA) so not many Christmas things were done during the break. Instead, I decided to mainly stay at home and spend some time with my family, but most of the time too, I was playing volleyball at my local gym with some friends.

  3. Logan Rielly Becker says:

    The highlight of my Winter Break revolves around my family. We started by having a massive Christmas Eve party at my Aunt Gina’s house. There was an upwards of 80 family members that came to join the party. Something we do every year. What else is one of our family traditions where Santa Claus comes to our, all his goodies in hand, and each kid and young adult like myself go up to get our picture with Santa. Santa Clause has been coming over for over a decade.

    The next day, Christmas, we have yet another party where we exchanged all the presents. My Aunt Mary bought one of my little cousins his nickname being Ro Ro, a toy car he could ride in for Christmas. Other things includes lots of clothes, gift cards, a fondue set, and more. Though the best part is just getting to see my family. Within the first 24 hours of being back from Christmas Break I almost cried.

    To top it all off we went out with a bang for our New Years Eve party hosted at my household each year. Just like the two previous parties, lots of food, lots of people, and no one drank too much. Overall lots of good times.

    Besides spending time with family, I did lots of Christmas shopping. Spent what I estimate an upwards of $900 this Christmas and having no income doesn’t make that feel any better. Mind you that was with all the deals going on. Lol. Nevertheless lots of good times and I’d definitely do it all again!!

  4. September htoo says:

    I didn’t do much, but I spent many days Christmas shopping. I was with my family everyday and I loved it. I for sure miss school during the break which was really surprising.

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