Starting off the Year Right: PART TWO - College Services Starting off the Year Right: PART TWO - College Services

Starting off the Year Right: PART TWO

Yamara is back to share more great advice on what you can do now to prepare for school this fall.  We hope you enjoyed her last post on “how to plan your academics” your first term in college.  In this post, she’ll share how to successfully navigate campus life your first few weeks.  

Let’s read what she shared!

In this post I will be sharing advice you can take once you’ve applied for courses (classes) and about to begin your first week of classes. The goal of this post is to help you make the most of your time as a student on campus.

Things to know before your first Day

Know your campus and practice finding your classes before the first day. 

This prevented first day anxiety for me. I did not get lost and felt confident in where I was going. I did this for subsequent quarters until I knew where most buildings were.  This is helpful especially if you attend school on a large campus. I also recommend finding a map of your school along with important features such as food places, bathrooms, library, gym, and any other important landmarks. Save your schedule and make it your phone’s background during your first week.   

 Familiarize yourself with resources

A great place to start is by attending a college fair. This informs you of clubs, services, scholarships, and other programs that are available to you. Map out parts of your identity that are important to you and pursue resources that apply to your needs Make sure you are aware of any services designed to help you.

For example, I got tested at the beginning of college and found out that I had a reading disability that makes it so I read at a slower pace. When I got this test done it allowed me to receive disability accommodations that allowed for extended test taking time, note takers, and text to speech versions of textbooks. This helped tremendously, especially in math and science courses.

Another way I made the most of resources was by joining clubs. I identify as Latina so I also participated in LSU events and gatherings. When it comes to clubs I recommend joining some especially during your first year. These are great ways to meet friends and become part of your campus community. I recommend joining one club related to your academic or career interest and another club related to a hobby or one that is related to your identity. This allows for balance.

Lastly, make sure that you know what income based resources you qualify for. Something I did not expect was to find out that I qualified for a laptop stipend because I was low income. This was a one time stipend that allowed me to purchase my first laptop. I recommend visiting the career center, student outreach services, the financial aid office, and the scholarship center. 

Yamara will be back later this fall providing advice on how to be more productive and effective with your time.

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