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How to win at Online classes!

You might not have signed up for an e-learning experience but here you are. Sitting in front of your computer or phone, trying to figure out how to log onto Canvas, Blackboard, or Zoom. The thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Imagine what your professor is thinking about, they didn’t sign up for this either. 

So then what do you? We put together a list of strategies that will help you figure out how to win this term. Take a few minutes to read through them and see which ones you need to focus on. Happy reading and remember you got this! 

10 Strategies to Success

Find the Right Space

Not all spaces are equal, figure out where you can focus on while class is in session as well as place to study. They don’t have to be the same space, it’s just important that you feel comfortable in it.

Create a Study Schedule

You are balancing a lot right now! It’s important to block time in your day to study. Make sure to stick to the schedule for more than a few days. It takes time to build habits.  Some experts say it takes at least 21 days, sometimes more, to build a new habit.   

Avoid Distractions

Close all of your tabs when class starts, your focus should be on what the professor is teaching. Also, put away our phone! You wouldn’t have your phone out during class, would you? 

Stay Motivated

This one is hard for all of us, so set little goals for yourself. Whether it’s how many times you’ll chat in class or how many pages you’ll want to read for each class. These small goals will help you stay motivated.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Keep your eye on the prize. Like avoiding distractions, trying to do too much at once isn’t helpful. Focus your energy on 1 or 2 things at a time to ensure that you actually retain the material your professor is sharing.  

Take Advantage to E-tutoring

Tutoring services have also gone online like you. Make sure to get ahead of your peers and schedule out when you think you’ll need them, use your syllabus to guide you.  

Unplug from Technology

Make sure that you walk away from your computer and unplug for a while each day.  You’re going to spend a lot of time on it now, so be thoughtful AND unplug. Take a walk, shoot some hoops, paint, or cook.  

Make Friends

It’s important that you take time to make friends in your classes. Set up virtual study dates, use your chats, and remember they are going through the same thing so you already have something in common. 

Use your library

You might not be able to walk into your library right now but it’s still open. You can check out e-books, testing resources, or chat with a librarian online.  

Ask for Help

Just because you can’t walk into your professor’s office or go up to them; they can still help you. Send them an email, a chat during the presentation or ask them if they have virtual office hours where you can video chat with them.