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10 Keys to Interview Success

Learn how to give yourself a competitive edge in any job interview — whether for roles you pursue during college or after graduation. Working with CSF, Matt Youngquist, Founder and President of Career Horizons, shared his 10 TIPS on how to walk into an interview prepared and confident in yourself. Below are those tips as well as the workshop that Matt hosted for CSF Scholars.

Attitude Counts

  • Set yourself apart by approaching the interview with a ton of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity

Show Respect

  • Hiring managers have worked hard, paid their dues, and have little tolerance for “entitlement” attitudes

Prepare to Succeed

  • Make sure you’re well rested, hydrated, and dressed for success when the time comes

Try to Relax

  • Don’t focus on getting the job at all costs, focus on getting to know the person, understanding their needs and the job itself – so you an make a decision as to whether it is what you think it is.

Ace the Easy Questions

  • Be prepared to answer the “tell me about yourself” question and speak to your strengths/weaknesses

Tell Powerful Stories

  • Think hard about the examples you can share, either personal or professional, to showcase your talents

Don’t get Stumped

  • If there’s anything the company has listed in the job description you don’t understand, google it!

Be a Detective

  • Watch for clues about what qualities the employer values most and what specific “pain points” they need resolved

Ask Great Questions

  • Don’t be afraid to engage the manager in conversation, and ask questions, if they seem open to it

Stick the Landing

  • Be humble, but tell the employer you appreciate their time and are seriously interested in winning the job

Interview Workshop Tools

To dig deeper into these tips and review the video from the Interview Tips Webinar, click below to learn more.

03-03-20 College Success Foundation Interview Skills Presentation

03-03-20 College Success Foundation Interview Skills Live Recording