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Undecided on your major: Take a deep breathe, we got you!

Business, Marketing, Communication, Health Sciences, and Computer Science, Sociology, or Anthropology!

As a student you have hundreds of majors that you can choose from but which one is the right one for you? There are many factors to consider when choosing your major(s). Remember, there is not one universal ‘right’ choice; each person must look at their own situation and decide upon the right program options. Some of the factors to consider are:

What should you be asking yourself?

What subjects have been interesting to you in the past? What have you enjoyed learning about in and out of school?

Studying subjects that are interesting to you, means you will likely enjoy them more. When student enjoy what they are learning they become more focused and motivated. This usually means getting better grades.

Where do your strengths lie?

This means looking at your strengths and skills (not things you like) like are you a good writer, researcher, problem solver, or organizer? Are you good with numbers, creative expression, or intricate details?

Assessing your strengths and skills can give you a better understanding of those required by different programs. Being able to do this, may give you some ideas as to which program(s) are a best fit you.

What career opportunities are available with this major?

For many programs there are a number of career opportunities . So the answer lies not so much with the program, but with you. What skills, interests, personal qualities, values, and goals do you have? These factors, gathered through all your life experiences, will help you choose the major that is right for you.

Next Steps to Take

  • Talk with a pre-major advisor or academic advisor within the department about major interests and understand the requirements for each option.
  • Conduct an informational interview with a student pursuing a major that interests you and learn about their experience and academic and professional goals.
  • Consider talking with people who have a career that you are interested in.
  • Volunteer at an organization of interest to you
  • Join a student club that relates to your interests

If you have already decided on your major what advice do you have to share with other CSF Scholars.

-Thank you UW-T Advising Office

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