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Tips For Your Next Resume


You might not feel like you have extensive employment history, you do have experience as a college student or recent grad that will qualify you for internships and career opportunities. Let’s walk through each section of the resume, and what you might include.


Tips: What do you want your potential employer to know about you, beyond your experience?  Describe yourself using adjectives you, friends and family might use. Which adjectives are most relevant for the role? Do an online search of powerful adjectives and you’ll get lots of ideas.

  • Highly passionate about using my leadership and organizational skills to make a difference at (x) employer.
  • Driven leader with strong communication and organizational skills; proven ability to help teams achieve established objectives.
  • Works well independently and as a team member to effectively solve complex problems.

Section 2: Skills

Tips: This section can include skills that are relevant for the job. How are your computer skills? Have you become proficient in MS Office?  Do you have areas of specialized study that are relevant for this role? List them!

  • Proficient in MS Office products, including Excel, Word, Outlook
  • Well-studied in accounting, financial analysis, critical writing, communication (or other areas of specialized study)

Section 3 : Education

Education (Note: If this is the strongest part of your resume, move it to the top!

Degree Title | School

Dates From – To

Tips: List your GPA, awards and academic honors.  If you’re not graduated yet, indicate your class standing and anticipated graduation date.  If you’ve identified your major, list your intended major here. 

Section 4 : Experience

Job Title | Company

Dates From – To

Tips: Describe your responsibilities and achievements in terms of impact and results. Use specific examples, keep them short and precise. Things to consider:   What action words describe the tasks you performed? Did you surpass your goals and if available, what exactly were they? Is there current college coursework experience that might be relevant to this role?

Also, if you can pinpoint specific time frames list volunteer experiences, it doesn’t have to be paid jobs. For example duties as a club officer, TA work for a certain course, being an RA, volunteer positions within your church or other community organization.

  • Engaged in intensive research spanning three different countries across the globe
  • Conducted interviews with 10+ students and professionals regarding x
  • Answered phones and directed visitors to Financial Aid
  • Managed summer orientation programs for incoming freshman
  • Led project team responsible for delivering presentation on x

Section 5 : Activities

Tips: Use this section to highlight activities, including: leadership, volunteer, campus engagement, other extracurricular.  Talk about other ‘extras’ you may have like certifications, languages, community engagement.  If you’ve gained experience and skills through these activities, include them in the experience section (as long as you can be specific about time span, tasks and achievements).

  • Chair of club responsible for promoting on-campus engagement among first-generation students.
  • Vice President of CSF Club
  • Led and conducted monthly meetings for….
  • Designed promotional materials for organization’s fundraiser
  • Tutor at the Math Center
  • Volunteer Basketball Coach at YMCA
  • Compiled and updated membership records for XYZ club

Things to Avoid

  • Short one word replies
  • Long winded descriptions
  • Exaggerating your work experience
  • Using different fonts
  • Not being consistent with formatting
  • Confusing or disjointed layout. At a glance your resume should be pleasing to the eye.

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