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My Career Interests: Where do I Start?

What Type of Degree does my Dream Job Require? 

You can choose from hundreds of majors and certificates. Typically, most fall into two categories: liberal arts or career orientated. 

Liberal Arts Majors

include literature, psychology, philosophy, history and languages. These majors are broader and can lead to various jobs that don’t require specific or technical knowledge.

English – editor, content marketing manager, writer, news reporter

Foreign Language – foreign service officer, international development aid, translator, teacher

Political Science – community organizer, public relations speciliast, lawyer, policy analyst

Psychology – market researcher, social worker, recruiter, high school counselor

Career – Orientated Majors or Certificates

focus on developing particular skills and knowledge for specific careers 

Computer Science


Culinary Arts

Dental Hygiene

Paralegal Studies

Don’t know what is your “dream job”?!

That is okay! Start with asking yourself…

What careers or jobs are you interested in wanting to do?

  1. Think about your interests. Start by taking the O*NET Interest Profiler to help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. 

Next list job ideas, visit Washington Careerbridge or GetEducated to explore careers, highest paying jobs and the type of degree you will need for that job.

2. Determine how to qualify for different jobs. Learn job requirements (skills, classes, specific degrees or training, etc.)

Connect with on campus resources to talk about career and major advice. Visit the career center to speak to a career counselor; every term meet with your academic advisor to review your major and graduation plan; connect with your College Success Foundation Coach; or make an appointment with a faculty/professor in the your field of interest.

3. Get experience. Volunteer, get an internship or job shadow

Learn about these opportunities and attend career fairs on campus, visit your career center, ask your CSF Coach, and search online. Here are a few sites to check out LinkedIn, indeed, or Idealist 


Your first two years in college is exploring possibilities. Take Action. Follow these helpful steps!

Meet with a career coach to discuss your job and career interests.

Visit your campus career center: Get to know the services; explore the website.

 Attend on-campus career center events: Learn more about the world of work.

 Identify majors: Explore the online course catalog and take a variety of classes.

 Meet with a campus career counselor: Discuss career interests and major selection.

 Learn more about yourself: Utilize career assessment tools through the career center.

 Create a LinkedIn profile: Begin putting together a network. It’s never too early!



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Information was modified by Washington College Access Network, College Knowledge booklet