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Meet Jai’shon!

Freshman, University of Washington – Tacoma

What is your Major and your future plans?  

I’m currently majoring in Business Administration. I love learning math and new skills that are relevant to my future career and everyday life.  

I love cooking and I love food! Eventually, I would love to start my own restaurant. 

What are you most proud of from your first year of college?  

This year I helped start a CSF Club on campus to build community with other CSF Scholars. It’s a great opportunity for us to build relationships and talk about some of the stress that comes with college and how we can support one another.  

I was also accepted as a Pack Advisor, which is an on-campus job that works with incoming Freshman. I’ll be helping them get familiar with the campus, build relationships with one another, and just be a friendly face on campus. 

What was a challenge you faced this year? What did you learn from it?  

Time management. I worked a full-time job this year while being a full-time student. When I got home from work, I would stay up until 2am doing homework and be up early to make the hour-long commute to be on time for my 8am class.  

This year I learned what my limits are; I need at least 6 hours of sleep to function in class the next day. I also cannot work a full-time job and leave my homework for the end of the day when I have less time and energy.  

What are some of your hobbies outside of school?  

I love to cook just as much as I love food. I’ve been cooking since I was 8 years old and have perfected many recipes that I’m proud of. I like to read fantasy novels, action & adventure, murder mysteries, and informational books. My favorite book this year was called Trail of Lightning. I loved learning about the American Indians, untold stories about marginalized populations are my favorite.  

What are some lessons that your first year of college has taught you about yourself?  

Being in a new environment can help a person develop new skills and learn more about themselves. Before college I was very introverted, but that has changed a lot! Now, I am always meeting new people and making a new friend. This year has also taught me that I am capable to earn a college degree. I was always intimidated by college because it seemed difficult. This year I learned that the formula to doing well is staying up with my studying, turning assignments in on time, reading the assignment descriptions, having peer support and asking for help.