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About Us

Our Story

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Our Mission
College Success Foundation provides a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships to inspire first generation, low-income students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life.

Our Story
The College Success Foundation (CSF) was established in 2000 by Bob Craves and Ann Ramsay-Jenkins to provide college scholarships and mentoring to low-income, high-potential students.

Since then, CSF has been a leader in improving college access and completion for thousands of first generation, low-income students in Washington state and the District of Columbia. Our proven model of success has already helped more than 9,500 students to graduate from college.

College Services

If you participated in a CSF program or receive a CSF scholarship, we are here to support you through college completion and prepare for your career. CSF provides online and on-campus resources and coaching to keep you on track for college graduation.

What we offer

CSF Coach

Each CSF Scholar has a designated CSF coach to support them through their college journey.  CSF offers on-campus and online coaches depending on the college you are attending in Washington state. 

Why should I connect with my CSF coach?

You will receive college coaching and advising; community building and networking with peers and professionals; knowledge and skill-building resources on paying for college and connecting your major and career; and finding future internship opportunities.

What does it mean to have an assigned CSF coach? 

On-campus: You are able to meet in-person with a CSF staff member that works on your campus at Eastern Washington University or University of Washington – Tacoma. 

Online: If you are not attending any of these colleges, then you are able to connect online over email, text and phone with a CSF staff member. 

How do I connect with my CSF coach?   

Visit our Meet the Team page to book a coaching appointment with them. You can always contact us with questions. We want to hear from you!

If you are unsure who your CSF designated coach is, please email us at csfscholar@collegesuccessfoundation.org 

Events or Workshops

Throughout the year, we will post information on our website and through text messaging about online or on-campus networking events or workshops. Keep an eye out for text message alerts and/or website updates.

Follow us to learn what you need to do as a CSF Scholar; learn how to be successful in funding your college goals; gain tips on building your personal network; and understand how to make the college and career connection.

College Services Team

CSF offers continued advising support and resources to students as they transition to college and pursue their degree. Our staff have over 60 years of experience working with students within the college context and are highly knowledgeable in financial aid planning, career development, and helping students find meaningful connections and community on their campus.

We understand how overwhelming preparing for college can be, whether you’re an incoming freshmen, transfer student, or enrolling in a new term. Have questions about what to do before college starts, where to go on campus for resources, or how to get academic support? Reach out to a CSF college support staff.

Book an appointment online or in person or contact us to ask a question.

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